Act of looking out, starting with gazing on things outside of the ‘gate’ which in turn becomes an observation, provokes a question and even ventures into an abyss. Daegeum(Korean traditional bamboo flute) artist Seungmin Cha and Visual artist Sunguk Lee’s ‘Eye Gate’ started questioning a possibility of two different forms of media to have an equal status; then, it gazes, contemplates, and observes beyond the ‘gate’(Not only eyes ane window but also question and answer)

and discovers relationships among the beings it encounters that are projected and mutually responsive. Finally, the discovery becomes a visual and an aural presentation as a piece.


  • premiered on December 6th, 2017
  • Performed by nuunmuun
  • Seungmin Cha : Co-directing, Planning, Composition, Music Performance
  • Seonguk Lee : Co-directing, Video Performance