Eye Gate


‘Eye Gate’ is a piece which showcases the moment of awakening and all the senses triggered by the experience with music and video.

The performance is 75 minutes long without a break. A question from looking out a door (eye, window, gate), a contemplation fading into an abyss, a relationship of Dasein which reacted and was projected when observed, and an awakening caused by an extreme stimuli transform into 8 tracks which play by as a single track.

Musically, the piece goes from ambient, psychedelic, avant-garde noise with Korean traditional music as the foundation. Cha, Seungmin, a Daegum player, has established one-man band using voice, Daegum (Korean traditional flute), and spatial effects and loop machine, etc. Within a structure, she utilizes acoustic instrumental playing, layering, and noise making in impromptu manner to consciously reach for unconscious state. She is an ACC (Asia Culture Counsel) fellow based in New York, and she has performed at Roulette, HOLO, Alain Kirili studio, and many other venues as well.

Visual artist, Lee, Sungwook, uses minimalistic visual to compress story line of senses in music. This video is projected into a square screen between two performers. The screen is ‘Eye Gate’ by itself. The black and white video then synchronizes with the music.

Video and music from two artists distort and twist time and space in ‘Eye Gate’ through repetition and variations. Providing endless phantasms, they create universe only possible in ‘Eye Gate.’ In these phantasms, the audience and the stage put themselves in other dimension’s time and space.

What kind of universe could there be by listening to, watching, gazing on, meditating on, and observing ‘Eye Gate’? Whether it be a chaos or a solemn dot in the chaos, hopefully, ‘Eye Gate’ answers to the audience’s individual imagery and an explosion of questions.